What are the benefits of ZCell compared to other batteries?

ZCell’s unique technical benefits include:


  • Genuine 100% cycle depth, supporting daily delivery of 10 kWh of energy at a 100 per cent depth of discharge with no risk of battery damage
    • no reserved capacity
    • no battery damage from full discharge or from overcharging
  • Expectation of retaining the full output capacity over the useful life of the battery
    • compared to large loss of output capacity with age being normal for most other battery types.
    • you can size your system without over-capacity required up front to offset expected capacity loss with age
  • No Fire Risk: ZCell's bromide-based electrolyte is a natural fire retardant while mechanical damage does not risk explosion or 'thermal runaway'
  • Robust high temperature operation without active cooling
    • electrolyte operating temp of up to 50 Celsius
    • high electrolyte thermal mass means the ambient can be well above this
  • On-board smart battery control system
    • detailed system performance and environmental monitoring and logging
    • on-board power control contactors mean the battery can actively disconnect for self protection
  • Essentially unlimited shelf life (and can be switched off at any state of charge and hibernated for storage)
  • A great recycling story, made with major components that are easy to recycle or reuse