What on-going maintenance do you envisage?

The ZCell system normally sits outside your home, alongside a wall, under the eaves. 

It's an outdoor-rated unit (the expected IP rating for the enclosure is IP43).

The only anticipated regular maintenance is to check and clean the air inlet and outflow panels. We expect this to be necessary roughly annually (though potentially more often in highly dusty environments).

There is no expected loss of electrolyte fluid over the expected operating life of the battery.

The electrolyte pumps are expected to have an operating lifetime in excess of the projected operating life of the battery.

The battery makes a small noise during normal operation (a quiet burbling noise much like a small home water feature), as the fluid moves around inside the flow battery system. 

During very hot weather, a built-in (speed-controlled) ventilation fan will turn on to help the system maintain its internal temperature using incoming ambient air.  Due to that need for ambient air cooling access (only when needed), the unit should be positioned with access to ambient air at a reasonable temperature. 

The ZCell enclosure contains built-in 'secondary containment' that will contain the battery electrolyte in the unlikely event of a leak in the primary electrolyte containment tanks. The system also has two on-board fluid leak detection sensors.

The ZCell BMS provides you with real-time and historical graphs and data logging, including both battery performance and environmental data. This will assist you (and Redflow) to be able to detect and monitor any performance degradation in the system over time and allow it to be addressed proactively. 

The ZCell BMS interface offers a variety of access mechanisms - the principal one being a conventional web browser interface. The BMS has both WiFi and ethernet ports. We envisage offering a cloud-based access to the data logging outcomes in the future.


The major components in the battery module inside ZCell are capable in principle of being physically serviced or replaced in a discrete manner. However, we currently expect to deal with warranty issues by swapping the ZCell module over and bringing the faulty one 'back to base' to deal with any such issues, rather then disassembling the battery 'in the field'.